FEATH5R’s critical Final Blows as a Tracer in Open Scrim vs GZC

Image from NYXL

It was really great to meet our fans by our first open scrim vs GZC today. You can find the whole scrim video here.

I uploaded every stat reports and teamfight summaries in twitter (except Eichenwalde) right after the map was finished, and here I want to see one teamfight in Hanamura.

The teamfight I want to focus is one of (TF order 6, NYE Offense).

We had the last chance to offense (time remaining = 40 sec), and the circumstances were not very positive for us.

However, BiaNcA made one final blow by his Self-Destruction even he dead right after this, and FEATH5R made 2 final blows in a row (Zenyatta and Ana). These two final blows were truly valuable, so we took the point at the end.

Let’s see.

You can find the relative combat power (RCP) at the early phase of the teamfight was GZC’s side, and in the latter, FEATH5R reversed the teamfight, and the RCP increased to the end of the map.

The value of Final Blows (FB value) in this teamfight was like below.

FEATH5R earned 3.0 FB value, and this was almost one-half of the FB values among all NYXL players. It was really remarkable play by FEATH5R’s tracer.

Hope you enjoy our first open scrim!

  • English Revised by Minseong Kim (NYXL Player Manager)



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